University Gap Analysis

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Academic Programs Gap

Identify gaps in the university’s academic offerings compared to market demands and emerging disciplines.


Faculty and Staff Gap

Analyz the faculty and staff strength and expertise compared to the university’s growth objectives.

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Student Enrollment Gap

Identify disparities between the targeted student enrollment and the actual numbers.


Research and Innovation Gap

Evaluate the university’s research capabilities and innovation initiatives against industry standards and best practices.

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Technology Gap

Assess the university’s technology infrastructure and digital readiness compared to industry benchmarks.


Teaching and Learning Gap

nalyze the teaching methodologies and learning resources in relation to modern educational trends.


Industry-Academia Collaboration Gap

Assess the extent of collaboration with industries and businesses for research and skill development.


Diversity and Inclusion Gap

Identify areas for improvement in promoting diversity and inclusivity across the university.


Rankings and Reputation Gap

Evaluate the university’s rankings and reputation compared to peer institutions.


Sustainability Gap

Evaluate the university’s sustainability practices and opportunities for enhancing environmental responsibility.

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